Werner Enterprises salary

Werner Truck Blue sky
Werner Enterprises holds dear their motto, “We Keep America Moving” and across the nation, they undoubtedly make good on that. Though Werner has a global presence unlike many other carriers in the field, its efforts and campaigns throughout America are the practices that truly make Werner stand out. With a perspective that is focused on the global supply chain, Werner has an advantage of the larger logistical picture on its side, while still focusing heavily on the needs of the individual customer.
Know your worth
A driver will Werner will make an estimated average salary of $35,396. Drivers with Werner can feel confident knowing that they are working for one of the five largest truckload carriers in the country, and one that has a varied background in delivering many different types of freights for a wide cast of clients. Werner excels in pleasing nearly any client due to this wide array of services they provide, and are ready to take on drivers to further excellent customer relationships.

Werner is a big proponent of recognizing those drivers that submit themselves to hard work, safety and professionalism on the job. With incentives and awards given out to recognized drivers, Werner does not make those in their fleets feel unappreciated. Werner ensures that their drivers receive a feeling of value, a space to grow, and opportunities that few other companies can extend.