It may say it all the name, but Western Express considers itself a thoroughly American institute that carries on a time-honored tradition of taking on the long haul and delivering to the rest of the country. While Western Express may not be dealing with covered wagons and stagecoaches, it approaches the trucking industry with an earnest reputation and a credible background that have made it a top carrier in the United States. Keeping with the trend of honest approaches to the commercial trucking industry, drivers with Western Express find an amazing salary and benefits that truly work for them.
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Western Express salary

Drivers with Western Express generally report a salary in the neighborhood of $58,574 annually. A transportation company supported by 8 Fortune 500 Companies, Western Express always has the credibility and promise of economic productivity on its horizon and the proven support of successful American industries. Drivers can feel secure in knowing they will be paid dutifully for their work and will see incredibly competitive wages.

With a strong economic force backing them, Western Express is able to offer perks and benefits such as priority home time, ensuring that drivers get home when they need to in order to manage their personal lives. Drivers will also see the added benefit of some of the newest equipment in the industry, with OTR drivers seeing flat screen televisions, premium cable packages and the undeniably great NFL Sunday Ticket. Drivers with Western Express won't just see an incredible salary when they join the company, they'll see the incredible stimulus of advantages- even the small ones - that make the job great, too.