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YRC Freight salary

YRC city truck
YRC Freight proudly holds the title of the “original LTL experts” with a long history of operating in North America. The leading transporter of industrial, commercial, and retail goods, YRC Freight is a name known far and wide with over 100 years of operations. YRC Freight claims that it intends to take back the position of the leading LTL carrier in North America, and they intend to do this through flexibility, reliability, and employment of drivers who command diligence and solutions to logistical problems.
Drivers with YRC Freight will be rewarded with an average annual salary of $62,282. Working with YRC may prove to be somewhat challenging and demanding, but ultimately, the pay and benefits afford a driver some excellent opportunities. Working with YRC will mean working with a team that is steadfast in regaining a leading name in the less-than-truckload world. It’s not often that a driver can help a company accomplish such a transparent and affordable goal, with YRC drivers can make a difference.

Overall, YRC is an excellent company for those who want to pair with an established name who seeks aspirations of establishing themselves in the modern era. With some terrific benefit packages and flexible time home, YRC isn’t entirely antiquated by any means – but it is one that values traditional practices that have led to success.